Benchmarking Working Group

The Benchmarking WG is in charge of defining and maintaining a consistent and reproducible CPU benchmark to describe experiment requirements, lab commitments, existing compute resources, as well as procurements of new hardware.

HEPScore23 (HS23)

HEPScore23 is progressively replacing HS06 starting April 2023. The accounting migration procedure has been officially endorsed by the WLCG MB during the December 20th, 2022 meeting.

Execution: For instructions on how to run the HS23 benchmark, please refer to the dedicated page.

Accounting: For instructions on how to report HS23 and or HS06 in the Accounting system, please refer to the dedicated page.

Support Unit: If assistance is needed, the support unit of HEPscore can be reached via GGUS tickets. More details are available in the dedicated page about how to run HS23.

Tables of HS23 scores

The HEPScore23 scores for the benchmarked servers are reported in this table.

Obsolete HEP-SPEC06 (HS06)