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Monday Apr 3Site reports
CPU and network technologies
Tuesday Apr 4
Site reports
Batch Systems SIG
Database technologies
Authentication technologies
Social dinner
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Wednesday Apr 5
Plenary HEPiX/GDB talk
Optimisation and bottlenecks
LCG Grid Deployment Board
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Thursday Apr 6STORAGE DAY
Friday Apr 7OS news (Linux and Windows)
Monday Apr 3
Chair: Wojciech Wojcik, IN2P3
09:30Welcome - Prof. Romano Bizzarri (Director, CASPUR)
09:40Conference information - Monica Calori/CASPUR
09:45Site reports (15' each, in alphabetical order)

- TRIUMF - Corrie Kost        

- CASPUR - Andrei Maslennikov        

- CCLRC-RAL - Martin Bly        

- CERN - Helge Meinhard        

- DESY - Dirk Jahnke-Zumbusch    

11:00Coffee Break
11:30Site reports (15' each, in alphabetical order)

- FZK (GridKa) - Manfred Alef    

- FZU AV CR - Tomas Kouba        

- GSI - Walter Schoen    

- INFN-Tier1 - Andrea Chierici        

- JLAB - Sandy Philpott        

- LAL - Michel Jouvin        

14.30CPU technologies
Convener: Bernd Panzer-Steindel/CERN

- Introduction (new technologies, cost evolution, "average-benchmarking")
   (15', Bernd Panzer-Steindel/CERN)        

- Evaluation of new worker nodes (performance, power)
   (15', Yannick Perret/IN2P3)    

- Experiences with the DualCore Batch Nodes at GridKa
   (15', Manfred Alef/GridKa-FZK)    

- Benchmarking AMD64 and EMT64
   (15', Ian Fisk, Fermilab)    

15.30Coffee Break
16.00Network technologies
Convener: Enzo Valente/GARR

- GEANT2 status and plans
   (15', Marco Marletta/GARR)        

- Using E2E technology for LHC
   (15', Marco Marletta/GARR)        

- TCP performance optimization for 10 Gb/s LHCOPN connections
   (20', Tiziana Ferrari/INFN)        

- Challenges to address in the next future
   (10', Enzo Valente/GARR)        

Tuesday Apr 4
Chair: Chuck Boeheim, SLAC
08:30LHCOPN Registration
09:00Site reports (15' each, in alphabetical order)

- NIKHEF - Wim Heubers        

- PSI - Urs Beyerle        

- RZG - Hartmut Reuter    

- SLAC - Chuck Boeheim    

- BNL - Ofer Rind        

- University of Edinburgh - Greig Cowan    

10:30Batch Systems SIG
Convener: Tony Cass/CERN

- Passing information to the CE (gLite)
   (20', Francesco Prelz/INFN)    

- Interfacing BLAHP with LSF - Status Report
   (10', Ulrich Schwickerath/CERN)    

11:00Coffee Break
11.30Batch Systems SIG, contd
Convener: Tony Cass/CERN

- Experiment plans for batch system use (ATLAS)
   (15', Laura Perini/INFN)        

- Experiment plans for batch system use (CMS)
   (15', Stefano Belforte/INFN)        

- Experiment plans for batch system use (LHCb)
   (15', Andrei Tsaregorodtsev/CPPM-IN2P3-CNRS)        

- Experiment plans for batch system use (ALICE)
   (15', Federico Carminati/CERN)        

- Conclusion & discussion
   (30', Tony Cass/CERN)

14.30Database technologies
Convener: Dirk Duellmann/CERN

- Database Technologies and Distribution Techniques
   (30', Dirk Duellmann/CERN)        

- Database deployment at CERN
   (10', Luca Canali/CERN)        

- Database deployment at CNAF
   (10', Barbara Martelli/CNAF)        

- Database deployment at RAL
   (10', Gordon Brown/RAL)        

15.30Coffee Break
16.00Authentication technologies
Convener: Wolfgang Friebel/DESY

- Authentication technologies in use at HEP
   (5', Wolfgang Friebel/DESY)    

- One-time-password integration at BNL
   (15', Robert Petkus/BNL)    

- Single sign-on at RAL
   (15', Jens Jensen/RAL)            

- Integrating Grid Certificates and Kerberos Authentication services.
  Status and Plans at CERN.

   (25', Alberto Pace/CERN)            

Wednesday Apr 5
Chair: Sandy Philpott, JLAB
08:30GDB Registration
09:00Plenary HEPiX/GDB talk
Key challenges for Computer Centre Managers supporting LHC computing
Speaker: Les Robertson/CERN        
09:30Optimisation and bottlenecks
Convener: Wojciech Wojcik/IN2P3

- Understanding and addressing performance issues in HEP
   (50', Sverre Jarp/CERN)            

- Code/compiler problems and how to reach an improvement
   (20', Rene Brun/CERN)            

- Usage of BQS resources to control bottlenecks upstream
   (20', Julien Devemy/IN2P3)        

11:00Coffee Break
11:30Optimisation and bottlenecks, contd
Convener: Wojciech Wojcik/IN2P3

- Optimisation of dCache and DPM
   (20', Greig Cowan/University of Edinburgh)        

- Conclusions and future plans
   (10', Wojciech Wojcik/IN2P3)        


- Experience with ATLAS Data Integration over different GRID Flavours
   (20', Alexei Klimentov/BNL)        

- Monitoring services within a Grid
   (20', Paul Millar/Uni. Glasgow)            

- Comprehensive Accounting Views on Large Computing Farms
   (20', Andrea Guarise/INFN, Felice Rosso/INFN)            


- Mailing lists at DESY with SYMPA
   (20', Dirk Jahnke-Zumbusch/DESY)        

- SLAC's experience using the RT Request Tracker
   (20', John Bartelt/SLAC)        

- Integrating JASMine and Auger
   (20', Sandy Philpott/JLAB)        

15.30Coffee Break

- Data Center Cooling Development with Air-Cooled Cabinet Cooling
   (45' incl. discussion, Bill Watts/Intel)     -1     -2

- HEPiX-IHEPCCC interaction
   (15', Randall Sobie/University of Victoria)        

Thursday Apr 6 (Storage Day)
Chair: Andrei Maslennikov, CASPUR
09:00Tape and disk hardware, storage interconnects and protocols
Convener: Helge Meinhard/CERN

- Tape technology
   (20', Don Petravick/FNAL)    

- Disk hardware, RAID, storage interconnects and protocols
   (25', Martin Gasthuber/DESY)    

- Tested, seen, heard
   (5', Andrei Maslennikov/CASPUR)        

- Conclusions and prospects
   (10', Helge Meinhard/CERN)        

10:00File systems (local and distributed)
Convener: Hartmut Reuter/RZG

- Local file systems (accent on XFS)
   (15', Peter Kelemen/CERN)    

- Experience with GPFS and StoRM at the INFN Tier-1
   (15', Luca Dell'Agnello/INFN)        

- AFS/OSD project
   (10', Ludovico Giammarino/CASPUR)        

- WAN access to distributed file systems
   (20', Hartmut Reuter/RZG)    

11:00Coffee Break
11:30Storage Models (disk-to-tape migration)
Convener: Michael Ernst/DESY

- Introduction
   (5', Michael Ernst/DESY)    

- Castor - The CERN Advanced Storage Manager
   (20', Sebastien Ponce/CERN)    

- dCache, some Insights
   (20', Patrick Fuhrmann/DESY)        -1     -2

- HPSS - The High Performance Storage System
   (15', Andrei Moskalenko/IN2P3)        

- TSM - A Tape Storage Backend for Disk Pool Managers
   (15', Jos van Wezel/FZK)        

- Summary
   (15', Michael Ernst/DESY)

14.30The High Energy Data Pump - State of the Art in Hardware and Software
Convener: Jamie Shiers/CERN

- Introduction
   (5', Jamie Shiers/CERN)        

- A review of hardware configurations across the main sites
  involved in bulk data transfers

   (25', Martin Gasthuber/DESY)    

- A review of bulk data transfer software and methods
   (25', Graeme Stewart/University of Glasgow)    

- Summary
   (5', Jamie Shiers/CERN)

15.30Coffee Break
16.00Backup technology
Convener: Harry Renshall/CERN

- A Survey of Backup Solutions used in HEP institutes
   (15', David Asbury/CERN)        

- Usage of Tivoli Storage Manager at CERN
   (10', David Asbury/CERN)        

- Usage of Advanced Maryland Automatic Networker DiskArchiver at TRIUMF
   (10', Steven McDonald/TRIUMF)        

- Conclusions and comments
   (5', Harry Renshall/CERN)

16.40Storage Task Force report
Convener: Roger Jones
Friday Apr 7 (Alan Day)
Chair: Alan Silverman, CERN
09:00OS news (Linux and Windows)
Convener: Alan Silverman/CERN

- The evolution of the management of Windows Computers at CERN
   (30', Ivan Deloose/CERN)            

- Using Virtual Servers for the CERN Windows infrastructure
   (30', Alberto Pace/CERN)            

- Scientific Linux status and plans
   (30', Troy Dawson/FNAL)    

- Scientific Linux @ CERN
   (15', Jaroslaw Polok/CERN)    

- OS discussion
   (15', Alan Silverman/CERN)

11:00Coffee Break
11:30Miscellanea / "last minute"

- Security update
   (30', Robert Cowles/SLAC)        

12:00Conclusions and general discussion on future meetings
Convener: Alan Silverman/CERN