Comprehensive Accounting Views on Large Computing Farms    
               Andrea Guarise, INFN Torino and Felice Rosso/INFN CNAF

In this talk we describe how the Distributed Grid Accounting System (DGAS),
[previously called DataGrid Accounting System,] can be used in large computing
farms like the INFN Tier-1. At the INFN Tier-1, DGAS keeps historical accounting 
records, and provides graphical views, for about 5500 computing jobs per day, 
running on the order of 2500 computing slots. This accounting is done for jobs 
that can be either submitted locally, or via the EGEE/LCG middleware infrastructure.
DGAS is designed to be scalable, fault tolerant and secure (through X.509 
communication and a strict authorization mechanism for accessing private 
accounting information), and it is based on a distributed client/server 
infrastructure, without the need of a central repository of accounting information.