Optimisation of dCache and DPM   
             Greig Cowan, University of Edinburgh

dCache and DPM are two systems that provide disk pool management of 
storage resources. Their implementations of the storage resource 
manager (SRM) API allows them to provide a standard interface to 
this managed storage enabling them to interact with other SRM enabled 
Grid middleware and storage devices. In this paper we present a 
comprehensive set of results showing the data transfer rates into 
the two SRM systems when running on 2.4 and 2.6 series Linux kernels 
and with different underlying filesystems (ext2, ext3, jfs and xfs). 

In order to simulate the production envirmonment that SRMs will 
operate within, the LCG File Transfer Service (FTS) will be used 
to manage the transfers. The information presented here will be 
essential for the optimisation of LCG Tier-2 sites which are required 
to provide an SRM interface to their available storage resources.