The HEPiX forum unifies IT system support engineers from the High Energy Physics (HEP) laboratories and institutes, such as BNL, CERN, DESY, FNAL, IN2P3, INFN, JLAB, NIKHEF, RAL, SLAC, TRIUMF and others. The HEPiX meetings have been held regularly since 1991, and are an excellent source of information for IT specialists. That's why they enjoy large participation also from the non-HEP organizations.

The Spring 2006 European meeting is hosted by CASPUR - Consorzio per le Applicazioni di Supercalcolo per Universita' e Ricerca, and will be held in Rome, at the central administration building of Italian National Research Council (CNR). On this occasion, this year's meeting will be attended by IT specialists from CNR and other italian national research organizations (ENEA, INGV).

CASPUR and HEP institutes are grateful to the CNR management for their kind permission to use their meeting facilities.

Monday Apr 3Site reports
CPU and network technologies
Tuesday Apr 4
Site reports
Batch Systems SIG
Database technologies
Authentication technologies
Social dinner
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Wednesday Apr 5
Plenary HEPiX/GDB talk
Optimisation and bottlenecks
LCG Grid Deployment Board
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Thursday Apr 6STORAGE DAY
Friday Apr 7OS news (Linux and Windows)