HEP-SPEC06 Benchmark Results

The general rule is that sites have to run the benchmark in the same operating environment which is provided to the users. We therefore compile several versions of the results table:

Scientific Linux 6 x86_64 (gcc-4.4.x)

SL 7 / CentOS 7 x86_64 (gcc-4.8.x)

Non-default system configurations (for academic use):

Scientific Linux 5 x86_64 (gcc-4.1.2)

Scientific Linux 5 x86_64 (gcc-4.3.2)

Scientific Linux 5 x86_64 (gcc-4.4.6)

Retired configurations:

Scientific Linux 4 x86_64 (gcc-3.4.6)

Scientific Linux 4 i386 (gcc-3.4.6)

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