Welcome to the HEPiX Storage Technology Pages!
This site is meant to reflect some of HEPiX activities in the field of storage technology. Apart from a collection of past presentations, one may consult here the pages of the HEPiX/IHEPCCC Storage Working Group. The Group is aiming to provide information and practical advice on storage solutions for participating instituitions and beyond; the group is open and is welcoming new members.
Past Hepix Storage Related Presentations:
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After a brief assessment of data handling solutions adopted in High Energy Physics and beyond, we arrived to a reduced list of recommendable architectures, and to just two classes of storage to look at: Shared Home Directories, and Large Scalable Shared Areas needed for batch farms. The two classes differ mainly in file sizes, in the volume of archive, and in performance and scalability requirements.

As of June 2007, the Storage Working Group is preparing a summary wiki matrix for the principal recommended data access solutions. We will be covering some aspects of the underlying hardware as well. The wiki pages may be reached by clicking on the "Technology Tracking"   link on the left. These pages will continue being updated on the best effort basis. We invite anybody who is willing to contribute to contact us to get the appropriate wiki password.