HEPiX Storage Presentations 2009

  Spring 2009 -  UMEA, Sweden
Andrei MASLENNIKOV (CASPUR) News from the Storage Working Group
Hartmut REUTER AFS/OSD: massive production experience and work in progress
Pierre-Francois HONORE Lustre over WAN
Artem TRUNOV Performance of 10G network cards in file servers for LHC computing use cases
Tim POLLAND Some SSD facts
Arne WIEBALCK CERN Lustre Evaluation
Alf WACHSMANN New HPSS architecture at SLAC
  Fall 2009 -  NERSC, Berkeley, California
Jeffrey ALTMAN U.S. Government Supports OpenAFS
Christopher J WALKER Experiences with StoRM and Lustre at an Atlas Tier-2 site
SCHOEN Walter lustre@gsi: A Petabyte file system for the analysis farm - status and outlook
Artem TRUNOV Performance of Hadoop file system on a HEPiX storage workgroup testbed
Helge MEINHARD Storage R&D at CERN
Pierre Emmanuel BRINETTE IN2P3 HPSS Migration (v5.1 to 6.2) report
Jason HICK HPSS in the Extreme Scale Era
Jonathan SCHAEFFER Optimizing tape data access
Peter VAN DER REEST First exercises with PROOF on NFS v4.1/pNFS