HEPiX Storage Presentations 2008

  Spring 2008 -  CERN
Andrei MASLENNIKOV (CASPUR) Final Report from File Systems Working Group
Dirk DUELLMANN (CERN-IT) Options for medium-/long-term improvements to LHC mass storage and data management
Robert PETKUS (BNL) Storage elements at BNL
Sebastien PONCE (CERN) CASTOR Status and Plans
Vladimir SAPUNENKO (CNAF) Towards the new data management solution at CNAF
Sascha BRAWER (Google) Handling large datasets at Google: Current systems and future directions
Silke HALSTENBERG (FZK) FZK storage news
Charles CURRAN (CERN) The unbearable slowness of tapes
Stephan WIESAND (DESY) Setting up a simple Lustre Filesystem
Nilo SEGURA CHINCHILLA (CERN) Experience and Lessons learnt from running high availability databases on Network Attached Storage
Walter SCHON (GSI) Lustre cluster in production at GSI
  Fall 2008 -  TAIPEI
Ted PANG (Infortrend) Data Integrity and Data Security
Hiro TAKAHASHI (DTS) Computing System Performance Bottlenecks for IOs and DTS Solution
Peter BOJANIC Lustre File System news and roadmap
Dirk DUELLMANN CERN storage update
Thomas ROTH Lustre at GSI
Benjeman MEEKHOF Optimizing Common Storage Systems
Benjeman MEEKHOF Finding a Practical Distributed Filesystem
Satomi YAMAMOTO A data grid environment with HPSS and GridFTP at KEK
Yoshimi IIDA SRB system for Belle experiment
Sebastien PONCE CASTOR status and plans
Giuseppe LO PRESTI (CERN) SRM2 and monitoring projects in CASTOR
Miguel COELHO DOS SANTOS CASTOR Operational Experiences
Steven MURRAY (CERN) Increasing Tape Efficiency
Jay SRINIVASAN Evaluation of GPFS Connectivity over High-performance Networks