HEPiX Storage Presentations 2006

  Spring 2006 -  Caspur, Rome
Don Petravick/FNAL Tape technology
Martin Gasthuber (DESY) Disk hardware, RAID, storage interconnects and protocols
Andrei Maslennikov (CASPUR) Tested, seen, heard
Helge Meinhard (CERN) Conclusions and prospects
Peter Kelemen (CERN) Local file systems (accent on XFS)
Luca Dell'Agnello (INFN) Experience with GPFS and StoRM at the INFN Tier-1
Ludovico Giammarino (CASPUR) AFS/OSD project
Hartmut Reuter (RZG) WAN access to distributed file systems
Michael Ernst (DESY) Storage Models (disk-to-tape migration) - Introduction
Sebastien Ponce (CERN) Castor - The CERN Advanced Storage Manager
Patrick Fuhrmann (DESY) dCache, some Insights
Andrei Moskalenko (IN2P3) HPSS - The High Performance Storage System
Jos van Wezel (FZK) TSM - A Tape Storage Backend for Disk Pool Managers
Martin Gasthuber (DESY) A review of hardware configurations across the main sites involved in bulk data transfers
Graeme Stewart (University of Glasgow) A review of bulk data transfer software and methods
David Asbury (CERN) A Survey of Backup Solutions used in HEP institutes
David Asbury (CERN) Usage of Tivoli Storage Manager at CERN
Steven McDonald (TRIUMF) Usage of Advanced Maryland Automatic Networker DiskArchiver at TRIUMF
  Fall 2006 -  JLab
Bryan Hess (JLAB) Planning for Hall D: The Hazards of Fast Tape Drives
Tom Langley (NERSC) NGF NERSC's Global Filesystem and PDSF
Jonathan Schaeffer (CC-IN2P3) Storage Class:Problematic and Implementation
at CCIN2P3
Tony Cass (CERN) Recent Fabric Management Improvements at CERN