HEPiX Storage Presentations 2005

  Spring 2005 -  FZK, Karlsruhe
Michael Zalokar (FNAL) Enstore
Andrei Maslennikov (CASPUR) Fresh results on Lustre, AFS and ...
Lisa Giacchetti (FNAL) USCMS Update on Use of Ibrix Fusion FS
Chris Brew Experience Deploying an Xrootd Data Serving Infrastrucure at RAL
Lisa Giacchetti (FNAL) FNAL SATA Experiences
Jean Philippe Baud (CERN) Disk Pool Manager
  Fall 2005 -  SLAC
Roger Jones (CERN) Storage Task Force Report
Gilbert Grosdidier (LAL-Orsay and CERN/LCG-GD) The Light-Weight Disk Pool Manager
Robert Petkus (BNL) Panasas at the RCF
Andrew Hanushevsky (SLAC) / Jean-Yves Nief (IN2P3) Xrootd - Present and Future
Andrew Hanushevsky (SLAC) / Jean-Yves Nief (IN2P3) Xrootd at IN2P3
Jean-Yves Nief (IN2P3) BaBar data distribution using the Storage Resource Broker
Jean-Yves Nief (IN2P3) SRB at CC-IN2P3
Radovan Chytracek (CERN) Databases for physics, their deployment and monitoring
Zhenping Liu (BNL) USATLAS dCache system at BNL
Hugo Cacote (CERN) Testing High Performance Tape Drives at CERN