HEPiX Storage Presentations 2004

  Spring 2004 -  Edinburgh
Tim Smith (CERN) Developments in the CERN Disk and Tape Storage Services
Jan Iven (CERN) Disk Storage performance and high-speed interconnects
Paul Bradshaw (IBM) IBM SAN File System for GRID and HPC Environments
Gordon Kennedy (STK) Information Life-cycle Management
Andrei Maslennikov (CASPUR) New results from CASPUR Storage Lab
Wayne Schroeder (UCSD) Overview of the SDSC Storage Resource Broker
Jens Jensen (RAL) Experience of supporting multiple interfaces (SRM/SRB/SE)
Jean-Philippe Baud (CERN) GFAL and LCG data management
Ian Bird (CERN) LCG Service Challenges
Bernd Panzer-Steindel (CERN) WAN RAW/ESD Data Distribution for LHC
Les Robertson (CERN) Data Management Service Challenge
Olof Barring (CERN) Exporting Raw/ESD data from Tier-0 -> Tier-1s
Jon Bakken (FNAL) Storage system integration with high performance networks
Doris Ressmann (FZK) Integrating dCache into an existing tape storage environment at GridKA
Olof Barring CASTOR SRM v1.1 experience
Alan Silverman (CERN) Mass Storage Workshop summary
  Fall 2004 -  BNL
Walter Schoen (GSI) Performance tests and tuning with SATA Linux file servers
Robert Petkus (BNL) An Evaluation of Panasas at BNL
Jan van Eldik (CERN) Managing managed storage: CERN Disk Server operations
Dirk Duellmann (CERN) The LCG Persistency Framework (POOL) and distributed database deployment projects
Jan Iven (for Andreas Hirstius) (CERN/IT Dept) Next-generation IA64 storage servers