HEPiX CPU technology tracking pages

These pages represent an attempt to collect the most interesting information on the CPU technology on behalf of HEPiX community.

The CPU benchmarking working group which was launched during the HEPiX meeting at Jefferson Lab (Oct 2006) has also introduced a WIKI for internal discussions (access is currently restricted to the members of the working group).

A separate HEP-SPEC06 WIKI to provide more detailes information about the newly created HEP-SPEC06 benchmark and to collect benchmark results is publicly available.


 Trends overview:

A detailed overview on current processors can be found at CPU-World.

 CPU benchmarks used at HEP sites:

 SPEC CPU2000 (retired):

Since 2005, the integer packages of the SPEC CPU2000 benchmark set has been used for CPU benchmarking. However, this benchmark has been retired by SPEC and replaced by its successor, SPEC CPU2006.

We still provide more detailed information about this benchmark, as well as performance results measured on a representative set of cluster nodes, in a separate table.

 SPEC CPU2006 (new):

The HEPiX benchmarking working group has introduced the "HEP-SPEC06" benchmark for CPU benchmarking at HEP sites. HEP-SPEC06 is based on the "all_cpu" benchmark set provided by SPEC CPU2006. See the latest HEPiX report from the Benchmarking working group by Helge Meinhard (CERN) for more details.

The investigations have demonstrated that this benchmark is a very good match for the percentage of floating point operations found in representative HEP applications. See the analysis by Michele Michelotto (INFN Padova) for a comparison of SPEC benchmark results and performance of several HEP (Alice, Atlas, CMS, and LHCb) codes.

See the HEP-SPEC06 WIKI for more details and for a collection of benchmark results.

 Collection of documents and links:

 Collection of talks to the past HEPiX conferences about processor technology:

October 2012, Beijing (IHEP):

There were no talks about CPU performance benchmarking presented at IHEP.

April 2010, Prague:

October 2011, Vancouver (Triumf):

April 2011, Darmstadt (GSI):

November 2010 (Cornell University):

April 2010, Lisbon (LIP):

October 2009, Berkeley, California (NERSC):

May 2009, Umeå University:

October 2008, Taipei (ASGC):

May 2008, CERN:

November 2007, St. Louis (Genome Sequencing Center):

April 2007, Hamburg (DESY):

October 2006, Newport News (Jefferson Lab):

April 2006, Rome (Caspur), CPU technology session:

October 2005, Stanford (SLAC):

 Collection of links to other web pages about CPU benchmarks
 and processor technology (from HEPiX mailing list):

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