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Monday, May 9
09:30-09:45Welcome - Prof. Dr. Reinhard Maschuw / director of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
09:45-10:00Introduction, houskeeping, technical ...
10:00-10:45 GridKa site report - Holger Marten, FZK
CASPUR site report – Andrei Maslennikov, CASPUR
TRIUMF site report - Corrie Kost, TRIUMF
11:15-12:30 SLAC site report - Chuck Boeheim, SLAC
FNAL site report - Lisa Giacchetti, FNAL
CERN site report - Helge Meinhard, CERN
RAL site report - Martin Bly, RAL
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 GSI site report - Walter Schoen, GSI    Video (1GB)
LAL site report - Michel Jouvin, LAL/IN2P3
BNL site report - Chris Hollowell, BNL
INFN Tier1 site report - Andrea Chierici, INFN
15:30-17:00 Lemon Monitoring – Harry Renshall, CERN
Host and service monitoring at SLAC – Alf Wachsmann, SLAC
Experiences Building a Distributed Monitoring System - Marc Mengel, FNAL


Tuesday, May 10
09:00-10:30 Security Update - Bob Cowles, Stanford
Enstore - Michael Zalokar, FNAL    Abstract
Fresh results on Lustre, AFS and ... ( ppt ,    pdf ) - Andrei Maslennikov, CASPUR
USCMS Update on Use of Ibrix Fusion FS - Lisa Giacchetti, FNAL
11:15-12:30 Collaboration IHEP ( ppt ,    pdf ) – HEPiX – Guy Wormser, IN2P3
Roundtable: IHEP – HEPiX collaboration. Chair: Alan Silverman
13:30-14:30 Experience Deploying an Xrootd Data Serving Infrastrucure at RAL ( ppt, pdf ) - Chris Brew
FNAL SATA Experiences - Lisa Giacchetti, FNAL
15:00-17:00 Connecting via video at FNAL are Connie Sieh and Trow Dawson
Scientific Linux, Status report - Jack Schmidt, FNAL
CERN Linux, Status report - Jan Iven, CERN
Roundtable: Scientific Linux. Chair: Alan Silverman
  • Scientific Linux siblings: how to converge?
  • Scientific Linux 4: roll-out and certification
19:30Conference dinner
 VRVS - group: transportation - virtual room: car


Wednesday, May 11
09:00-10:30 Fermi Farms Opteron evaluation – Ken Schumacher, FNAL
Anti Spam activities at GARR ( ppt ,    pdf ) - Michele Michelotto, INFN
SPAM - is there still a problem? - Wolfgang Friebel, DESY
FNAL Central Email Systems - Marc Mengel, FNAL
11:15-12:30 WIKI - a collaborative documentation tool - Christopher Huhn, GSI
Managing CERN Desktops with SMS 2003 ( ppt,   pdf ) - Michel Christaller, CERN
Plone: FNAL Experiences with Content Management - Marc Mengel, FNAL
13:30-14:30 Cross platform single-sign-on using client certificates - Emmanuel Ormancy, Alberto Pace, CERN
DESY-Registry -- cross-platform user administration - Dirk Jahnke-Zumbusch, DESY
A new graphical management tool for PBS- Michael Gehle, FZK
15:00-17:00 USATLAS Tier 1 Facility and Service Challenge ( ppt,   pdf ) – Dantong Yu, BNL
LCG Tier2 at LAL and DAPNIA – Michel Jouvin, IN2P3
SC-Overview ( ppt,   pdf ) – Sophie Lemaitre, CERN
LHC service challenges: Tier2 Planning ( ppt,   pdf ) – Sophie Lemaitre, CERN
LCG File catalogs ( ppt,   pdf ) – Jean Philippe Baud, CERN
File Transfer Service and Software ( ppt,   pdf ) – Sophie Lemaitre, CERN
Disk Pool Manager ( ppt,   pdf ) – Jean Philippe Baud, CERN
Roundtable: Integrating Tier2 sites. Chair: Kors Bos
 VRVS - group: transportation - virtual room: car


Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13
Workshop on batch systems (Chair: Tony Cass)
A key aim of this workshop is to enhance communications between users and developers of local resource scheduling systems and Grid-level resource scheduling. At present, HEP sites use a variety of local resouce schedulers to maintain fine-grained control over heterogeneous local resources according to site policies. At the Grid level, however, the scheduling often treats all resources at a site as homogeneous and equally available to all VOs. Can we improve Grid level scheduling to reflect the fine-grained level of control locally? If so, how? If not, what will be the impact on local operations in the future?
How are local batch schedulers used at HEP sites?
Local and Grid Schedulers: Status & Plans
Developing a common batch interface


Thursday, May 12
09:00-09:05Introduction ( ppt,   pdf ) – Tony Cass
09:05-09:25Batch Scheduling at SLAC (LSF) – Neal Adams
09:25-09:45Batch scheduling at RAL (Torque/Maui) – Martin Bly
09:45-10:05Batch scheduling at LESC (SGE) – David McBride
10:05-10:25Batch scheduling at JLAB – Sandy Philpott
10:25-10:45Batch scheduling at IN2P3 (BQS) – Bernard Chambon    Abstract
11:15-11:35Batch scheduling at FNAL – Ken Schumacher
11:35-11:55Batch scheduling at DESY (SGE) – Andreas Haupt
11:55-12:15Batch scheduling at CERN (LSF) – Tim Bell
12:15-12:30Batch scheduling at BNL – Alex Withers
13:30-14:00Some thoughts on how (not) to organise local and grid scheduling – Jeff Templon, NIKHEF
14:00-14:30BQS for the Grid – Yves Fouilhé, , IN2P3
BQS and the GRID : problems and solutions – Julien    Abstract
14:30-15:00LoadLeveler – Roland Kunz, IBM
15:00-15:30LSF – Christopher Smith, Platform Computing
16:00-16:30PBS – Ralf Eichmann, Altair Computing
16:30-17:00Sun Grid Engine – Andreas Haas, Sun
17:00-17:30Condor – Todd Tannenbaum, University of Wisconsin
17:30-18:00EGEE Batch Local ASCII Helper (BLAHP) – David Rebatto, INFN


Friday, May 13
09:00-09:30GLUE Schema: Status & plans – Laurence Field, CERN
09:30-10:30Discussion & Plans
11:00-11:30A proposal for standardising the working environment for a LCG/EGEE job – David Bouvet, IN2P3
11:30Discussion & Plans



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